Lectures, Seminars, Tutorials

Regular lectures and seminars are conducted for undergraduate students. Tutorials are taken for students with special needs. Hands on teaching is conducted during practical sessions by individual faculty. Postgraduate students participate in seminars where they present individual syllabus topics in the presence of faculty facilitators. Also there are activities such as journal club and critical appraisal to facilitate research aptitude amongst PG students.

Journal writing and assignments

Students must complete the journals following each practical class/clinical work. The journals are assigned marks during terminals, prelims and university exams. Problem based and case based learning is also advocated to facilitate process of self learning.

Clinical postings in medical and Physiotherapy departments, external postings

A part from Theoretical lectures, Clinical postings are a must for students to Experience and understand the problems and complaints that patients present with. From II BPT onwards, students are posted (under supervision) in Physiotherapy OPD’s and medical wards, so that they interact with, evaluate and treat patients.

Research Projects by UG and PG students

In the final year of BPTH course, students have to design a research study which is conducted during internship with facilitation by assigned faculty, as a part of their curriculum. Postgraduate students have to submit dissertation to the university as part of their curriculum.

Examination- summative and formative evaluation of students

Evaluation of student performance is done formatively and summatively during the course. Case presentations, short tests, assignments, mock exams are part of formative assessment and terminals and prelims are part of the summative assessment. Students are given feedback regarding their performance and also instructed on how to improve further. University exams are held once, at the end of academic year.

Use of advanced teaching-learning aids

Advanced teaching aids are used to facilitate learning. The college provides facilities like laptops, LCD projectors, internet etc. Powerpoint presentations are uploaded on cloud drive.

Use of advanced methods for teaching-learning and evaluation

College advocates the use of advanced teaching learning methods for better student understanding. Interactive sessions through quiz, role play, practical demonstrations and class presentations encourage student participation.Problem and case based learning techniques inculcate active learning. Advanced student assessment methods like Objective structured practical and clinical evaluation are used.