Promotion to Higher Class

  • Eligibility to appear for the university exam:

    To be able to appear in the university exam, the student should have 75% attendance in theory lectures & 80% attendance in practical lectures.

  • Eligibility to appear for the university exam:

    UG- A student to be eligible to pass the examination must have obtained not less than 50% of marks in each of the passing heads of the respective subject, except as specifically prescribed by the university. There are three heads of passing i.e. Theory, Practical & Internal Assessment or two heads of passing i.e. Theory & Internal Assessment, for subjects without having Practical.PG- Each theory paper not less than 40% and aggregate 50% marks of total marks in theory and 50% of total marks in clinical/oral/practical.

  • Grace marks:

    University gives grace marks of maximum 5 marks in theory examination.

  • Distinction:

    The student will be declared as passed with Distinction if he/she secures ≥75% marks in the examination.

  • Fail:

    If the student fails either in Theory or in Practical Examination of a subject he/she will have to appear for both theory and practical / clinical examination again.

  • KT:

    If the student fails in 1 or 2 subjects, he/she is allowed to keep term for the next academic year.