Master of Physiotherapy in

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiotherapy | Cardio. resp. PT

It is a two year full time programme consisting of classroom teaching, self-academic activities and clinical postings, with self-directed evidence based practice.

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Key Information

Course Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Apply biomedical and behavioural scientific knowledge to the physiotherapy evaluation and management of pulmonary and cardiovascular dysfunction.
  • Describe the aetiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis and clinical presentation of pulmonary and cardiovascular disorders.
  • Conduct an appropriate examination of patients with complex cardiopulmonary dysfunction.
  • Appropriately select the testing procedures commonly used in assessing patients with cardiopulmonary dysfunction.
  • Appropriately select, modify as necessary, and correctly demonstrate advanced physiotherapeutic treatment procedures commonly used in the management of cardiopulmonary dysfunction.
  • Apply advanced clinical reasoning skills and a sophisticated evidence based approach to decision making in cardiopulmonary physiotherapy practice.
  • Demonstrate a well developed understanding of the physiotherapist's role in promoting wellness as relevant to the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems.
  • Effectively assess and treat complex paediatric cardiopulmonary disorders.
  • Understand the functions of the multidisciplinary team in the management of cardiopulmonary patients, including intensive care and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and describe the physiotherapists role in the multidisciplinary team.


The pedagogy comprises clinical learning in postings, experiential learning, interactive classroom seminars, individual and class case presentations journal article critical appraisals, supervised classroom teaching, supervised practical demonstrations, supervision of practicals, guest lectures, camps, field visits, managerial assignments and research dissertation. The teaching-learning process lays emphasis on leadership and integrative thinking as peer group learning.



First year In the first year theoretical basis of physiotherapy is refreshed along with research methodology, biostatistics & teaching technology. The students are rotated in all areas of clinical expertise including their specialty during this period

During the second year the students will be posted in their area of specialty. They are required to complete and submit their dissertation. The learning program includes seminars, journal reviews, case presentations, case discussions and classroom teaching.

University examinations are held at the end of second year.


For detailed Curriculum refer MUHS Website.

*Examination Pattern is subject to change as per University notifications.


This program enables students to study all aspects of the profession in a systematic way and prepares them to administer physiotherapy management in a holistic manner.

Regular interactive seminars in college help students to share and enhance knowledge. Participating in various inter-college and intra-college competitions with peers help gather acumen to tackle real life scenarios and enhance team skills.

Students enjoy the benefit of choosing their professional career after intensive clinical practice & personal experience during the two year course.

Complete repertoire of skills necessary for becoming a valued & sought after specialization therapist will be imparted to all students.

Case study analyses, quizzes and lively discussion and other interactive methods during class hours make every student learn the concepts in the most practical way.