Doctor of Philosophy | Ph.D.

K J Somaiya College of Physiotherapy is a recognized center by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences ( MUHS) for Ph.D. program since 2017. The College offers Ph.D. in Physiotherapy.

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Key Information


Ph.D. in Physiotherapy focuses on the science behind physical rehabilitation. Candidates in this course attend course work, lectures, seminars, conferences, and classes that concentrate on the evidence-based practice in Physiotherapy. The course prepares candidates for an extensive range of fields, they also do research and write papers to display their own discoveries regarding physiotherapy. At the end of the course, a candidate will usually be able to diagnose and treat physical impairments and educate future physiotherapists, patients or their families.


The course will empower and encourage engagement in physiotherapy research broadly. The system will energize development in the numbers of researchers associated with physiotherapy research, and enhance the amount of research produced – and its implementation and integration into practice.


The date of the joining of the candidate at any College or approved or Recognized Institution, after successful counseling, shall be treated as a provisional date of registration.The maximum duration for submission of Thesis, for all Ph.D. Scholars, shall be six years from the date of the approval letter of the University in respect of Synopsis. However, the same may be further extended for a maximum period of two years, being one year at a time, after submission of valid justification by the Ph.D. Scholar and by paying prescribed fees as determined by the University, from time to time. After the extended period, no further extension shall be granted, and if the Ph.D. Scholar wishes to pursue the Ph.D. course thereafter, then he shall have to register again as a fresh candidate, following the due procedure, including the Ph.D. Entrance Test. Provided that, candidates with more than forty percent disability may be allowed further relaxation of two years during Ph.D. Course, in the maximum: Provided further that, women candidates may be granted Maternity Leave or the Child Care Leave up to 240 days once in the entire duration of the Ph.D. Course, in addition to the relaxation referred above.A Ph.D. Research Scholar admitted as a full-time candidate may be converted in to a part-time candidate in special circumstances, after approval of the University. A Part-time Ph.D. Research Scholar may be allowed pursue as a full time Ph.D. candidate, provided all the conditions mentioned in the extent of Ph.D. Directions are met satisfied.

For detailed Curriculum refer MUHS Website.

*Examination Pattern is subject to change as per University notifications.