Special Guidance

For Potential Toppers / Advanced Learners

  • Students scoring more than 70% are identified as advanced learners.
  • They are encouraged to solve university question papers, which are assessed and feedback is given.
  • Counselling and mentoring sessions are carried out by teacher to further improve performance.
  • MOC tests are arranged.
  • Students are encouraged to prepare model answers for University Questions which are assessed.
  • Revision lectures are conducted for theory and Practical topics.
  • Advanced learners are encouraged to undertake research and apply for research scholarships.
  • They are encouraged to present papers and posters in conferences.
  • They are urged for case presentations and seminars under guidance of faculty
  • Peer tutoring and tutoring for junior students.

For Weaker Students / Slow Learners

  • Students scoring less than 40% marks in terminals and prelims are identified as slow learners
  • Regular revisions of theory and practicals are conducted
  • Tutorials and doubt solving sessions are held
  • Students are prepared on how to write answers and be ready for practical exams
  • MOC exams are conducted
  • Students are allowed to approach concerned faculty individually for solving and clearing doubts.
  • Students are encouraged to solve papers and discussions about the same are done in details.
  • Teachers are patient with the students and regular motivation and encouragement is provided
  • Counselling and mentoring sessions are carried out to help students cope with the stress and anxiety of exams